Amica of 103 Flats
Aramis of  103 Flats
Artos of  103 Flats
Ayk of 103 Flats
Ayka  of 103 Flats
Ayko of 103 Flats
Ayla  of 103 Flats
Bailynn  of 103 Flats
Bailey of 103 Flats
Banshee of 103 Flats
Barcley  of 103 Flats
Baxter of 103 Flats
Brandon of 103 Flats
Brixton of 103 Flats
Bryan of 103 Flats
Breeza  of 103 Flats
Cassey of 103 Flats
Chester of 103 Flats
Clinton of 103 Flats
Colin of 103 Flats
Cooper of 103 Flats












Amazing Grace Amanda
Amazing Grace Angelo
Amazing Grace Cleopatra
Ambassadress Amber Ancestors Pride
Ambassadress Bella  Ancestors Pride
Ambassador Carlos Ancestors Pride
Ambassadress Curtis Ancestors Pride
Ambassador Fynn Ancestors Pride
Ambassador Larry Ancestors Pride
Ambassador Marley Ancestors Pride
Ambassador Sam Ancestors Pride
Ambassadress Shiva  Ancestors Pride
Ambassadress Summer Ancestors Pride
Amegino´s Beautiful Blaver Pearly
Amegino´s Be Mira
Amegino´s Birdcatcher
Amegino´s Blue Bayou
Amegino´s Branca 
Amegino´s Carry on Lioness
Amegino´s Cheerful Kimberly 
Arecas Hunter of Dreams Aqua
Amaro Ashes of St. Helens
Bourbon Ashes of St. Helens















Xantiva of Black Aventure  
Xartonda of Black Adventure 
CH Blackgold Veto of Blacfriar 
Black Magic of Hell´s Abajoma 
Black Magic of Hell´s Ahyoka 
Black Magic of Hell´s Amadahy
Black Magic of Hell´s Anchu  
Black Magic of Hell´s Anoki
Black Magic of Hell´s Aponi 
Blackpicks Prefere Lisa
CH Alice of Black Tit´s Nest
Desdemona of Black Tit´s Nest
Eli-Sari of Black Tit´s Nest
Elvis of Black Tit´s Nest
Farah- Janneke of Black Tit´s Nest
Faro of Black Tit´s Nest
Gismo of Black Tit´s Nest
Good Girl Alice of Black Tit´s Nest
Hyvä Koira of Black Tit´s Nest
CH Ally McBeal of Black Treasure Island
Calle-Sian von den Bestthorritzen
Diska-Ansi von den Bestthorritzen
Gamilka-Ansi von den Bestthorritzen
Attakui Born to be a hunter
Bouncer's Highlander
Bramatha Easter Song







Int.CH Calebri´s Coco Beautyfield Mousse
Dance in the Wind of Calypso Dream
CH Charon of Camelot
Don Xylas of Camelot
CH Camwood Field Runner
CH Camwood Randy the Copper Rebell
Casblaidd Juniper                                                          11.05.2008
Cay'lox A Wavellit                                                          11.05.2008
Chakur's Mailo
Conover's Xellent Xperience
Conover's Yes It's Fernet Branca
Community of life Baghira
 Community of life Brandubh´s Kira 
Community of life Brandubh´s Mephisto
Copperwood's Balou                                                        11.05.2008
Dúlind des Crocs Mignons




CH Dancing Shadow Acacia
Dancing Shadow Boomerang
Acato Dark Angel of Eternity
Agent Cedric Dark Angel of Eternity
Akiba Dark Angel of Eternity
Ann- July Dark Angel of Eternity
Art Louis Dark Angel of Eternity
Amazing Sam Dark Angel of Eternity
A' Veto Dark Angel of Eternity
Blithe Emma Dark Angel of Eternity                                                    11.05.2008
Dark Noble´s Arctic-Summer  
Int CH Dark Noble´s Brightmoon    
Dark Noble´s Bellflower                                                               11.05.2008
Dark Surprise Bright Flower                                                             11.05.2008
Aris Dawn Chorus of Kingsborn
Afra vom Deister
Candy of Duck Pits


Acorus of Easter Song
Adjuga of Easter Song
Babina Bo of Easter Song
Barnaby Jasper of Easter Song
Baron Boni of Easter Song
Charlie Chum of Easter Song
Charming Sammy of Easter Song
Cheeky Chabaya of Easter Song
Cheerful Clint of Easter Song
Dancing Enid of Easter Song
Ava von der Edelheide 
Eden's Black Diamond Betty Lou
Eden's Black Diamond Charming Emmy
Aramis of Elderstone                                                           11.05.2008
Bente vom Ergenstein
Everlasting Crazy Curtis







Featherstone's Magic Riddle
Featherstone's Waveney Hunt
CH Aaliyah of Firien Wood
Aaron of Firien Wood 
Aislin of Firien Wood
CH Aragorn of Firien Wood
CH Aran of Firien Wood
Asfaloth of Firien Wood  
Guily vom Fischergrund
Isilya vom Fischergrund
Ares Fischermen´s Friend
Fischermen´s Friend Despina
Flat Castle's Travel To The Moon
Forever Sunshine Angel of my Heart
Gingle of Fridolins Flats
French-Quarter-Friend's Airelle
French-Quarter-Friend's Alma
French-Quarter-Friend's Amie de Findus
French-Quarter-Friend's Amiral Otto
French-Quarter-Friend's Amour d'Astor
French-Quarter-Friend's Aquarelle
Friia Cat Edward
Grouse Steps Cajun Like Passion
Gylfi's A Time To Remember Kenzo











Antarah vom Hallerstein
Ashley vom Hallerstein 
Deci- Dela vom Hallerstein
Amar Leon of Happy Flats
Chabwera Bowie of Happy Flats
Charming Ronja of Happy Flats
Cuilanor Ayko of Happy Flats
Coolac Buddy of Happy Flats
Easy to love Roy of Happy Flats
Elmo Lupus of Happy Flats
Endearing Fay of Happy Flats
Endless Lucky Lou of Happy Flats
Explorer Eddie of Happy Flats
Weasel Bica of Happy Flats   
Alabaster of Hawkwood    
Alder of Hawkwood  
Alsike Clover of Hawkwood 
Amazing Garganey of Hawkwood 
Amusing Robin of Hawkwood 
Apple Pip of Hawkwood  
April Hazel of Hawkwood  
Aspen of Hawkwood 
Cirocco Linus von Helping Hounds
Hempth's Onyx                                                               11.05.2008
Highway's Best Black Atlantic Beach
Highway's Best Black Atlantic Dream 
Highway's Best Black Atlantic Ice
Highway's Best Black Atlantic Princess
Highway's Best Black Atlantic Summer
Highway's Best Black Bali Boy  
Highway's Best Black Bali Dancer      
Highway's Best Black Bali Dreamer  
Highway's Best Black Bali Flyer  
Highway's Best Black Bali Jumper   
Highway's Best Black Bali Prince 
Highway's Best Black Bali Princess   
Highway's Best Black Bali Queen    
Hinnared's Manso
Huntlover's Jumping fot the Hunt
CH Huntlover's Olympic Gold Winner
CH Chester vom Jalmer Moor
Charon vom Jalmer Moor
Jaysflight Abercrombie
Jaysflight Aguamenti                                                     11.05.2008
Jaysflight Animagus
Jaysflight Auror                                                              11.05.2008









Aaron Let's spend our life together
Agent Mick Let's spend our life together
Amazing Luna Let's spend our life together
Amica Maya Let's spend our life together
Amigo Jonas Let's spend our life together
Amy Let's spend our life together
Asyd-Lynn-Ya Let's spend our life together
Llantrussa Cashewnut
Aske von der Lupinenkuhle
Brack of Lorien
CH Bronwynn of Lorien
CH Cassia of Lorien
CH Catinka of Lorien
CH Cera of Lorien
Corven of Lorien
Eliza of Lorien







Suzette du Marais de la Sangsurière
Unique Mutine du Marais de la Sangsurière
Mahinda King Edward
Alisha von den Maulbeerauen
Baskia von den Maulbeerauen
Benson von den Maulbeerauen
Mavisflight Brave Tabaqui
Mavisflight Cheerful Catburglar
Int CH Mavisflight Clever Chivas
Mavisflight Eager Moonworker
Mavisflight Evening Surprise
Mavisflight Fantastic Moonworker
Mavisflight Flow-of-Spirits
Mavisflight Forest Fellow  
Mavisflight Hibernal Balou
Mavisflight Hibernal Hop o' my Thumb
CH Miss Mallorys One Way to Whisper
Yaro vom Moosquell
IntCH Moonstruck Lost and Found



Neala´s Ally Mc Beal
Neala´s Amazing Grace
CH Neala´s Coco Chanel
Neala´s Crazy Little Thing
CH Neala´s Pebbles the Paartal Pioneer
Neala´s Promise to be a Pretty Pearl
Neala´s Take a Chance Ginger
CH Neala´s Wet And Wild
Neala´s Zunder for St. Helens














Paartal Pioneer's Alina
Paartal Pioneer's Baghira   
Paartal Pioneer's Ben 
Paartal Pioneer's Bilbo
Paartal Pioneer's Campino
Paartal Pioneer's Cantal
Paartal Pioneer's Canthos
Paartal Pioneer's Cooper
Paartal Pioneer's Danica
Paartal Pioneer's Djupa
Paartal Pioneer's Dublin
Paartal Pioneer's Dyngja
Peachdream's Exotic Spice 
Pearly Coat Dazzle from Tabaqui
Pearly Coat Docility from Tabaqui 
Plainfire's Ruby Monday
Preiß Gentle Fellow Acquaint as Acyra
Preiß Gentle Fellow Acquaint as Andyra 
Preiß Gentle Fellow Acquaint as Anton
Preiß Gentle Fellow Acquaint as Antonya
Preiß Gentle Fellow Acquaint as Oscar 
Preiß Gentle Fellow Acquaint as Avelyna-Luna 
Preiß Gentle Fellow Believe in Ambra  
Preiß Gentle Fellow Believe in Blaver Piper  
Preiß Gentle Fellow Believe in Ernest    
Preiß Gentle Fellow Believe in Joy    
Preiß Gentle Fellow Believe in Maroon Baikal 
Preiß Gentle Fellow Believe in Maroon Bendix 
Preiß Gentle Fellow Believe in Maroon Dragomir  
Preiß Gentle Fellow Count on Campino
Preiß Gentle Fellow Count on Chaplin
Preiß Gentle Fellow Count on Cooper
Preiß Gentle Fellow Count on Lucy
Preiß Gentle Fellow Count on Maroon Charly
Preiß Gentle Fellow Count on Maroon Faible
Preiß Gentle Fellow Count on Maroon Lincoln


Queensland for Ever Adorable Ayla
Queensland for Ever Affectionate Amigo
Queensland for Ever Barney´s Bambam 
Queensland for Ever Bubbling Bluna


Dalia von Rethwischhöh 
Feltis von Rethwischhöh
Ringvale Ar-Feiniel
Ringvale Ar-Minas
Ringvale Ar-Zimraphel
Int CH Riversflight Farah








































Int CH Sajas Hope for Sun Acanthus
Sajas Hope for Sun Amicia 
CH Sajas Hope for Sun Andira
Sajas Hope for Sun Areca
Sajas Hope for Sun Ari
Sajas Hope for Sun Balana
Sajas Hope for Sun Bangio  
Sajas Hope for Sun Boletus
Sajas Hope for Sun Borago
Sajas Hope for Sun Braya 
Sajas Hope for Sun Calla
Sajas Hope for Sun Calluna
Sajas Hope for Sun Capparis
Sajas Hope for Sun Carex
Sajas Hope for Sun Casuarina
Sajas Hope for Sun Cattleya
Sajas Hope for Sun Chara
Sajas Hope for Sun Celtis
Sajas Hope for Sun Centranthus
Sajas Hope for Sun Clivia-Cara
Salasana Final Time
Adonis of Semmlers Black Treasure
Allusion of Semmlers Black Treasure 
Ava-Luca of Semmlers Black Treasure
Biala of Semmlers Black Treasure
Blizzard of Semmlers Black Treasure  
Bluster of Semmlers Black Treasure
Bo-Luna of Semmlers Black Treasure
Cara of Semmlers Black Treasure
Caro of Semmlers Black Treasure
Cecil of Semmlers Black Treasure
Chili of Semmlers Black Treasure
Cinnamon of Semmlers Black Treasure
Colin of Semmlers Black Treasure
Dagfinn of Semmlers Black Treasure
Dash of Semmlers Black Treasure
Derron of Semmlers Black Treasure
Shanaja's Cheeky Cheyenne
Shimmering Shadow Aine
Shimmering Shadow Alteacina
Shimmering Shadow Ancamna
Shimmering Shadow Antares
Shimmering Shadow Anteia
Shimmering Shadow Ares
Shimmering Shadow Artemis Nora
Shimmering Shadow Atreus
Shimmering Shadow Aurora
Shimmering Shadow Batty Bat
Shimmering Shadow Big Buffalo
Shimmering Shadow Blissful Bear
A Number Four of Silkman´s Castle
CH Carpet Flyer´s Champion No.8 of Silkman´s Castle
Somersauld's Favourite Gianni
Somersauld's Favourite Ivory
Spirit of Adventure Acanthus' Kayleigh
Spirit of Adventure Acanthus Maximus 
Spirit of Adventure Aimee Luca
Spirit of Adventure Akiras Caitlin
Spirit of Adventure Anton
Spirit of Adventure Arwen
Spirit of Adventure Braveheart Benji
Int CH/ FT CH Splashing Water´s Fancy Fairy
Splashing Water´s Indigo Boy
Allegra Starlight over Röthlismountain
Starworkers Dreamy Bluebell
Starworkers False Alarm 
IntCH Starworkers How Do You Do
Stewart Hot and Sweet
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Allan- the Heartbreaker
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Amy- the Summerdream
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Armstrong- the Globetrotter
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Ayres- the Shooting star
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Baltic Bonfire   
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Baltic Cloud
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Baltic Explorer
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Baltic Ocean
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Celtic Island
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Celtic Star
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Celtic Story 
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Celtic Summer 
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Double Hope
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Double Inspiration
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet Double Magic
Stoneyard´s Dark Velvet First Desire                                    11.05.2008
Sudden Inspiration Attractive Paula
Sudden Inspiration Bayou's Black Quincy
Sudden Inspiration Bella Luna
Sudden Inspiration Bella Mona
Sudden Inspiration Blue Scilla
Sudden Inspiration Bouncy Brown Roja
Sudden Inspiration Cooper 
CH Swallowsflight Black Almighty
Swallowsflight Brown Zelin Beauty
Swallowsflight Coal Ebby
CH Swallowsflight Ebony VIP Jester                                       11.05.2008
Swallowsflight Uno Jetblack




Talf Ami de l'eau
Tewbell's A French Snapdragon                                                            11.05.2008
Tiva's Black Miracle Caspar
Int CH Twilight Star´s Big`N`Beautiful
CH Twilight Star´s I´m Xclusive Imp Xenia
CH Twilight Star´s It Had To Be You   
Twilight Star´s It´s Jorden Junior
Twilight Star´s Jamaica Me Crazy
Twilight Star´s Kiss of Fame 'N' Fortune
Azolla of the Two Hollies
Basko of the Two Hollies





Alia umbra fida
CH Alwine umbra fida
IntCH Amykos umbra fida 
CH/ Arb.Ch Aragon umbra fida         
Audax umbra fida 
Bassia umbra fida
Benignus umbra fida
Bilbo umbra fida
Briza media umbra fida
Cajus umbra fida  
Daveen umbra fida
Eowyn umbra fida
Erin umbra fida
Fabricia Faja umbra fida
Fascino umbra  fida
Fiora umbra fida
Fryda umbra fida
Fyllistra umbra fida







Warpersmoss Fusilier
Wendur Waterwyllow
CH  Whispering Wind All That Jazz 
Whispering Wind Art Finlay   
Whispering Wind Atlan Benoit 
Whispering Wind Believe in Finn
CH Whispering Wind Catch it Caya
Whispering Wind Charmed by Sally
Whispering Wind Charming Shari
Whispering Wind Chasing Liz
Whispering Wind Cosmopolitan Tune
Whispering Wind Dancing Daya
Whispering Wind Dark Dawanda 
Whispering Wind Date with Debbie
Whispering Wind Dear Lilly
Whispering Wind Delightful Funny
Whispering Wind Diamond Dhana
Whispering Wind Do it Dinana
Whispering Wind Dot Com
Whispering Wind Dream of Joy
Whispering Wind Dust of Glory
Whispering Wind Elate Aiden
Whispering Wind Elegante Faye
Whispering Wind Enterprising Edgar
Whispering Wind Eyecatching Piper
Witches Brew Carlos Santana
Witches Brew Dana Amaca
Witches Brew Dragonfly
Witches Brew Fairy King Jasper
Witches Brew Fairy Queen Fiona
Witches Brew Fairy Queen Phea
Bina vom Wildförstersee  
Camus vom Wildförstersee
Caspar vom Wildförstersee
Cenzo vom Wildförstersee
Ciro vom Wildförstersee
Clara vom Wildförstersee
Int CH Witchwood Azure Tit
CH Witchwood Black Timber